Department of Cardiology started functioning in 1972. It started with 4 bed Intensive care unit. The first Colour Doppler Echo in the state was started in the department in 1992.

The cardiac catheterisation Laboratory (cath lab) was started in 1997. A second cathlab under the PMSSY Scheme was started in 2010. Electrophysiology station was established in 2009.


1. Outpatient clinic monday -- saturday(9 am--3 pm)

C-I OP Monday, Friday

C-II OP Tuesday, Saturday

C-III OP Wednesday

C-IV OP Thursday

2. Inpatient service ---- 30 beds in general ward

3. Intensive Coronary care Unit

A ten beded ICCU with fluoroscopy, Dedicated portable Echo, Cardiac monitors, State Of Art Ventillator Central oxygen round the clock in house duty cardiologist. -

4.  Consultation service

Patient with cardiac problem for free operation evaluation are evaluated by the ward by duty cardiologist. all other cardiac emergencies are also atttended by duty cardiologist at bed side.

5. Echo Cardiogram

Here daily functioning Two State Of The Art Echo Machine (GE System 7 & Philips)

6. Tread mill test (TMT)

Treadmill test are done from Monday-Saturday (Two TMT machines are functioning)12-16 tread mills per day .No waiting list provided.

7. Holter Monitoring

24 Hours of ECG recording provided.

8. Diagnostic Cardiac Catheterization

Coronary angiogram and diagnostic left and right heart catheterization is done on all days. Annually 2500 coronary angiogram and 750 coronary angioplasties are performed by the department.

9. Interventional cardiology

Coronary Angioplast/Stenting services are available daily.  Nearly 4-6 cases are done daily. In Additional Balloon Valvotomy, Peripheral Angioplasty/ Renal Artery Stenting is done ruotinely.

10. Primary angioplasty

Immediate coronary angioplasty/ Stenting is done for patient who came to the hospital with accute Myocardial infarction(Heart attack) It is done with in sixteen minutes of heart attack. In 2010-- Hundred Primary angioplasties were performed with very low mortality(< 4%). at lowest cost in state.There is a dedicated 10 beded ICCU for Post care and 27 dedicated rooms in KHRWS Payward for patients undergoing coronary angiogram/angioplast.


First government hospital in kerala done coronary angioplasty in 1998.

First government hospital in kerala done ICD Inplantation

First government hospital in kerala done by ventrical pacing for heart failure.

First government hospital in kerala to have a round the cloch angioplasty program.


1. EMF natural History study

2. Coronary Ectasic: Angiographic profile and follow up

3. Easrt trial: Double blind, Placebo control prospective trial comparing spirinolactone and Eplerrnone in HF


DM Cardiology course started in 1987.recognised by IMC.8 Seats

MD General medicine -Students undergoing MD general medicine course has 1.5 months cardiology training in the department.


MSc Nursing students are trained in cardiology case in the department.