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Medical College Payward

KHRWS pay-wards (96) and government pay-wards (20) are available to patients with monthly income above Rupees1600/-

Application has to be made in the prescribed form (click here to download). The form dully filled up should be signed by a faculty (consultant doctor) and to be submitted in person to the booking counter located in the 3rd floor of (Superintendents office), near OPD block during working hours (10.00am-01.00pm & 02.00pm-04.00pm). Booking counter works on holidays too between 10.00am-01.00pm.

Allotment list is published at 02.00pm on working days and at 12.30pm on holidays. 3 days’ advance rent should be payed at the at the time of application for pay-ward and a further advance of rent for 7days has to be payed on allotment of pay ward. On allotment of pay-ward the applicant will receive an SMS alert on his mobile if he registers his mobile number at the time of application.

Type of Pay-ward


Rent per day