The institution has been upgraded to the status of All India Institute of Medical Sciences due to its unique achievements and as an important tertiary care-provider to the southern parts of India.

Government Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram has been one among the two breakthrough colleges and has found a place among the top 25 colleges in the country; currently ranked 21 in the India Today India Today survey. The college and hospital has been consistently able to maintain its high quality standards despite the enormous number of patient admissions and low-cost treatment facilities. Expertise of the faculty and able administration with aids from the Central and State governments have helped maintain this status. Though academically well acknowledged it has been lagging behind in the research field perhaps due to the lack of awareness and increased importance given to clinical sector.

SAT mix which was devised by the doctors and nutritionists of SAT hospital is used throughout India for the management of childhood malnutrition. It is a cost effective measure in reducing infant mortality rates. 

Trivandrum Development Chart is a scale for the assessment of child development based on 17 characters. It was devised by the Child Development Centre and is recommended for use in community developmental assessment.