Cardio Thoracic Surgery


       In those days Surgeons started doing Closed Heart Surgeries like CMV,PDA ligation etc. A separate department of Thoracic surgery was started under the leadership of Dr.PKR Warrier. This department developed in to a major specialty when Dr.MRS Menon become the head. He is the first man to carry out CABG. The HDS program was started by Dr. Ram Narayan. This helped in the development of department in to a self-sufficient one. Dr. P.Balachandran Nair and Dr.Jayakumar were trained in Australia. When they returned from abroad after four years of successful training they started doing all major adult and congenital, vascular and Thoracic surgery cases including CABG. Later Dr.JayaKumar joined as Professor in SCT IMST. When Dr. Balachandran retired in 2007 April Dr. Abdul Rasheed.MH took over the charge as the Head. Up to that time there was no qualified Perfusionist in Kerala. Majority of Perfusionists were having BSc.MLT with training in Perfusion Technology. Dr.Rasheed is instrumental in starting a four Year BSc.Degree course in Perfusion Technology under Kerala University of Health Sciences.      

First super specialty Department to start a Para Medical Degree Course ( BSc. Perfusion Technology )
Guiding Research activities of MSc.Nursing, MS. Gen.Surgery and MCh Students
Now an 18 bedded ICU with 2 modular Theaters are to be commissioned soon. This is located in the 5th floor of Multi-Disciplinary Block. Once it is materialized our future plan are to increase the number of surgeries to double or triple. Planning to do Heart Transplant and heart Lung Transplant once the MDS block is ready.
Future Plans
1. To Start a Post graduate course in Perfusion Technology(MSc.Perfusion Technology)
2. Post-Doctoral Course in Cardiac Anesthesia.
3. BSc. Degree Course in Cardiac Technician.
4. BSc. Degree Course in Physician Assistant.
Succession List: 
1. Prof. Dr.PKR Warrier
2. Prof.Dr.MRS Menon
3. Prof.Dr.G.N.Rajasekharan Nair
4. Prof.Dr.Velayudhan Pillai
5. Prof.Dr.Ram Narayan
6. Prof.Dr.Raj
7. Prof.Dr.P.Balachanran Nair
8. Prof.Dr. Abdul Rasheed.MH

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