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The Department of Radiotherapy & Oncology a very patient friendly department established in 1978 is a Clinical Oncology Department which provide Comprehensive cancer medical care. It provides Clinical Oncology service which includes Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, targeted Therapy and hormonal therapy. The primary cancer care physician is the Clinical Oncologist with MD Radiotherapy postgraduate degree. Department caters to the need of 3500 new cancer patients a year. All solid and hematological cancers are treated in this department. This department follows international standard treatment guidelines conformity with national policies. Department is having a Telecoblt machine & TPS and procuring HDR brachytherapy, High Energy Linear Accelerator and a second Tele-cobalt machine this year.
Currently there are MCI recognized MD Radiotherapy postgraduate course and DMRT course (pending MCI recognition). Intake capacity is 3 MD and 2 DMRT students per year.
Department is in the path of accelerated development technology wise and academically. Academics & active research are the key attractions of the department. Currently more than 15 research studies are ongoing by the faculty and residents.

Facilities at a glance: 

Comprehensive medical cancer care

1. Radiotherapy
Conventional and 3D conformal radiotherapy techniques

2. Chemotherapy
Advanced and standard chemotherapy schedules for solid and hematological malignancies as per NCCN, ESMO and national institute guidelines.

3. Targeted Therapy
Monoclonal antibodies like Trastuzumab, Bevacizumab, Cetuximab, Rituximab, Nimotuzumab etc. as per the guidelines.
TKI like Gefitinib, Erlotinib, Afatinib, Crizotinib, Sunitinib, Sorafinib, Imatinib, Dasatinib, Regorafinib, Lapatinib etc. are used as per guidilines.

4. Hormonal therapy

5. Outpatient service

6. Day care and Inpatient (ward 11 & 12) facilities.


Achievements past year

1. 6 International journal original research  publication last year from the department
2. Proffered paper presentation by Dr Aravindh S Anand in ESMO Asia on High risk Multiple myeloma ( paraplegic at presentation)

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