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Dr.Sheela.P Yes Yes Near to Theater
Dr.Sobha.S yes Yes Yes Near to Theater
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Department of Anaesthesiology

Head of Department: Dr.Madhusoodanan Pillai.C

Started Year: 1966

No.of Beds Ward wise:  5 Bed and in CCU

No.of Units: 6

OP Days : All Days

Room : Near to theatre

Other Services : A/C Pain Service

The Department of Anaesthesiology, Government of Medical College, Trivandrum provides anaesthetic services to all surgical specialities including General Surgery/Obstetrics and Gynaecology/Orthopaedics/Otorhinolaryngology/ MaxillofacialSurgery/Paediatric/Plastic/Neurology/Cardiac/Gastrointestinal/transplant and Ophthalmologic surgeries.

The department began functioning as a subspeciallity under Department of Surgery in 1966 under Dr.K.P.Ramachandran. The department then flourished rapidly and because an independent speciality in 1972 under the directorship of Dr.D.Surendran. Since then, the department has grown steadily over the years to become one of the foremost and finest centres of teaching and clinical excellence in the state.

As mentioned, the department delivers anaesthetic services to various surgical specialities at over 30 different locations every day in Government Medical College, Trivandrum. Sree Avittom Thirunal Hospital and Regional Institute of Ophthalmology. State of the art, technology and science is being used including Multimodular monitors, newer anaesthetic and large variety of difficult airway equipment among many other pending excellent training opportunities.

In addition to providing anaesthesia, the department also oversees a 5 bedded Critical Care Unit (CCU) that largely caters post surgical patients as well as other critically ill patients. We have a full fledged renal transplant programme catering to needs of hundreds of patients.

The department also runs a Pain Clinic providing both acute and chronic pain relief services. Regular and organised teaching programs with periodic evaluation, combined with plenty of hands on clinical work ensures that the post graduates are well trained and confident at end of training period. Good teacher student support as well as cordial interpersonal relationships ensure stress free working and learning even with long working hours.  Regular classes for undergraduate students (6th Semester, BSC Nursing students, MSc Nursing students, Post basic speciality nursing, conduct of CPCR training for medical and paramedical team).

Ongoing evaluation by all staff, internal assessment exams and performance in University examinations are used to select the best outgoing MD and DA postgraduates every year. There is always a willingness to  learn from one another junior or senior, young or old. All work is patient centered with emphasis on safety and ethics.

Faculty Details

No. of Professor: 2

No. of Additional Professors: 6

No. of Associate Professors: 6

No. of Assistant Professors: 17

No.of House Surgeons: 5

No.of Senior Residents: 9

No.of Junior Residents: 48

No.of Nurses: 1

Courses offered:
Annually, 10 post graduate students are admitted for MD in Anaesthesiology and 8 students for Diploma in Anaesthesiology.
Also, yearly 15 students are admitted for DOTAT( Diploma in Operation Theatre & Anaesthesia Technology) course.


  • Provides anesthesia to a full fledges renal transplant program.
  • First to perform liver transplant in a government sector hospital in the state.
  • Anesthetic services for Assisted reproductive therapy,  Scoliosis surgeries, electro convulsive therapy and Cardiac procedures outside the operation room

Succession List: 

Dr.K.P.Ramachandran 1966-1972
Dr.D.Surendran 1972-1983
Dr.V.Mahadevan 1983-2000
Dr.D.Vijayadevi 2000-2002
Dr.O.Hemaletha Thampi 2002-2005
Dr.Meena Vijayaraghavan 2005-2007
Dr.Devayani.K 2007-2009
Dr.R.S.Ushadevi  2009-2016
Dr.Linette.J.Morris 2016